Featured Family

These brave, compassionate and determined families are our on-going inspiration each and every day.
  • Featured Family – Leonor & Humberto De Los Santos

    Featured Family - Leonor & Humberto De Los Santos

        This month, we want to highlight a very special family at Halo House. Leonor and Humberto De Los Santos just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and although they couldn’t celebrate with all their friends and family due to COVID-19, their children held a one-of-a-kind celebration in their home. Leonor requested THREE kinds of cake, which their kids were ...

  • Featured Family – Sharla & Dallas Taylor

    Featured Family - Sharla & Dallas Taylor

      Sharla and Dallas Taylor are probably the most happy and positive people you will ever meet – every time they were seen around and about at Halo House, they both had the biggest smiles on their faces!  Dallas, a FedEx driver from Mobile, Alabama for over 26 years and Sharla a real estate agent are so bubbly that it is not surprising they ...

  • Featured Family – Amy & Joe Pagano

    Featured Family - Amy & Joe Pagano

      Former residents, Joe and Amy Pagano are very grateful for their time at Halo House.  In 2015, Amy, a radiation therapist, returned home from a weekend getaway and noticed that her physician husband, Joe, had a swollen lymph node on his neck.  Shortly thereafter, Joe received a diagnosis of cancer but felt that they should get a second opinion from the best cancer hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Nathan Fowler, Halo ...

  • Featured Family – Taylor Diercks

    Featured Family - Taylor Diercks

    “It was a crazy time for me. Everything happened so fast but, in a way, it was a blessing because we didn’t have the time to sit and worry and wonder. This is just what we had to do.”   Imagine being 36 weeks pregnant and being told that you have leukemia. That nightmare is exactly what happened to Taylor Diercks, a nurse from ...

  • Camille Ano & Rick Smith

    Camille Ano & Rick Smith

    Camille is a beautiful, energetic, Hawaiian woman who went for a routine annual physical in May 2017, and was shocked to learn she had a blood cancer. “I am a hairdresser, had not missed any work, and I didn’t feel sick,” said Camille. In September 2017, her body reacted badly to the chemo she was ...