Featured Family – Leonor & Humberto De Los Santos



This month, we want to highlight a very special family at Halo House. Leonor and Humberto De Los Santos just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and although they couldn’t celebrate with all their friends and family due to COVID-19, their children held a one-of-a-kind celebration in their home. Leonor requested THREE kinds of cake, which their kids were more than happy to have for them, and Humberto just wanted some bbq brisket.

Leonor and Humberto’s daughters, Nilda and Lekki, wanted their parent’s nearest and dearest friends and family to be able to celebrate with them somehow. They traveled from Corpus Christi, Austin, Wimberley, San Antonio and surrounding areas around their hometown to deliver small gold boxes with slices of wedding cake and homemade pan de polvo (Mexican wedding cookies) so everyone could have a little sweet treat just as they would if they would have been able to have a party.

Loved ones were asked to send pictures or little videos of them with their cakes, or just them, sending anniversary wishes in which Nilda and Lekki made into a slide show so Leonor and Humberto could “be” with everyone. The De Los Santos’ son Xavier and his wife put together a beautiful photo collage of ALL the family. They mailed each family household a printed letter to take a photo with, and when all pictures were put together, it read “50 Years of Love”.

In these ever changing times, it is nice to take a moment to remember to be thankful and celebrate anyway we can. Congratulations to Leonor & Humberto De Los Santos on an amazing 50 years of love and marriage!



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