Halo House Hero – Dixie Neidhardt


Our Halo House Hero for the month of September is Dixie Neidhardt. Dixie is a friend of Halo House Founder, Kathleen Fowler, and just so happened to be searching for a volunteer opportunity around the time Halo House was founded. Dixie likes everything about Halo House but her favorite thing is the basic need that Halo House fulfills for blood cancer patients in treatment at the Texas Medical Center. Being our bookkeeper, Dixie understands finances, especially the financial impact that cancer can have on a family. Cancer “affects you emotionally when you have to spend all your money on treatment and housing needs that come with receiving treatment”. Dixie loves that Halo House helps take “stress and emotional problems away from people that stay with us”.

When Dixie first began volunteering at Halo House, it was before Halo House was in the beautiful building we know and love today. Dixie served as an “ambassador” for one of the apartments that Halo House subleased out to patients and their caregivers. Dixie enjoyed getting to know the patients as an ambassador. “Every family I moved in was so appreciative to have a place to stay with us”, said Dixie. Dixie is so glad Halo House is now a 33-unit building because it means we get to serve more families in need.

Today, Dixie primarily serves as our volunteer bookkeeper. Dixie prefers being behind the scenes and is happy she can help Halo House by using her bookkeeping skills. When she’s not keeping up with our books, Dixie enjoys helping around Halo House in any way she is needed. We are so grateful to have Dixie and all our other wonderful volunteers.



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