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Applicant Requirements

  • Applicants must be undergoing active treatment for a blood cancer (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma) at the Texas Medical Center (TMC). No other cancers will be considered
  • Active treatment means that the patient must have at least one weekly appointment at a treatment center in Houston
  • Applicant’s permanent home address must be greater than 50 miles from TMC
  • Stem cell transplant patient’s home address must be greater than 25 miles from TMC and requires a doctor’s order stating that the patient must reside within 15 minutes of the hospital
  • Applicant MUST have a caregiver living with them at Halo House at all times

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Length of Stay

  • Should an apartment become available, applicants must sign an apartment lease for a minimum of TWO WEEKS and may stay at Halo House for a maximum of THREE MONTHS
  • If a patient has had an allogenic stem cell transplant within 30 days of moving into Halo House, then his/her lease may be extended for one month (for a maximum stay of FOUR MONTHS)
  • A letter from the patient’s doctor or social worker confirming the allogenic stem cell transplant timing is required before the lease will be extended

Wait List

  • Applicants will be added to our wait list and will receive an email confirmation within four days of application submission
  • The wait for an available apartment can be anywhere from two weeks to two months
  • Your email confirmation will provide suggestions for additional housing options.  It is impossible to know exactly when a Halo House apartment will be available, therefore we strongly encourage you to get on wait lists for other organizations
  • If your need date changes, DO NOT submit a new application as this will only delay your application process
  • To make any changes to your application, please call 713-665-8852 or send an email to letting us know the patient’s full name and the changes to be made