Camille Ano & Rick Smith

Camille is a beautiful, energetic, Hawaiian woman who went for a routine annual physical in May 2017, and was shocked to learn she had a blood cancer. “I am a hairdresser, had not missed any work, and I didn’t feel sick,” said Camille.

In September 2017, her body reacted badly to the chemo she was taking and she had a stroke. After that near-death experience in Honolulu, Camille and her caregiver, Rick, came immediately to Houston for treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

They are now staying at Halo House. “Having a fully furnished Halo House apartment has helped Camille to focus on getting stronger, and helped us feel like part of the Houston community. We are going to beat this cancer,” says Rick. Their family and friends from Hawaii regularly send them “care packages” of chocolate covered macadamias, which they generously share with the nurses and staff at the hospital … making Camille very popular with the nurses!

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