Halo House Heroes

  • Dawn Gervais

    Dawn Gervais

    “Being a part of Halo House has been so meaningful and rewarding. Time after time I hear from our guests that their stay in our apartment has made such a difference in their treatment and recovery. After spending numerous hours at the hospital it’s comforting to have a cozy, affordable apartment that they can come ...

  • Eddie Davis

    Eddie Davis

    “When I first came to a meeting it was for work purposes and I didn’t know what to expect. I am happy I took that person up on the invitation to come because I feel like I have truly found a connection with a group that is doing meaningful work to such a small community.” ...

  • Sheila Tanner

    Sheila Tanner

    “It is such a privilege to be a small part of something so amazing, Halo House is truly proof that ‘it takes a team.’ From the volunteers to residence, I think every contribution of time and energy has touched all of our hearts. I’m excited for the future and growth.” – Sheila Tanner

  • Jim Averill

    Jim Averill

    “The mission of Halo House is to alleviate a large part of the financial burden for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma who come to the Medical Center for treatment by providing affordable and attractive housing for up to three months. Halo House is an all-volunteer effort of which I am proud to be a ...

  • Tommie Burks

    Tommie Burks

    “We are asked to help others with our ‘Time, Talent and Treasures.’ I try to do my part by helping my friends Nathan and Kathleen to reach their vision and hope to never have to tell a patient in need that ‘There is no room at the Inn.’” – Tommie Burks