Kathleen Fowler

EVP & Co-Founder

At age 19, Kathleen left college to work as a TWA flight attendant, living first in New York City then San Francisco. After marriage and the birth of two sons, she went back to college, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Youngstown State University in Ohio. Kathleen began her post-college career working as a Geophysicist in Tulsa, Oklahoma before transitioning to sales.

Following an extensive career in sales of chemical engineering & plant optimization software to oil industry executives, Kathleen left the corporate world and moved into real estate when she purchased and managed a few Houston apartment complexes.

She’s always loved the outdoors and been a bit of a daredevil. Kathleen has jumped out of an airplane in Ohio, jumped off a cliff to experience paragliding in Switzerland, and jumped into the water to scuba dive in multiple places. She credits her parents with her spirit of adventure – her mother was one of only 1074 women who flew planes during WWII as a WASP (Women’s Air Service Pilot.)

As a co-founder of Halo House, Kathleen has been a driving force for the growth of the Halo House organization since its inception in 2009.

When she is not at Halo House, she loves to travel out of the country or play games with family and friends. Her family and her friends are her greatest joy. She considers herself blessed to have met so many incredible people through Halo House, some who stayed there and other wonderful people who helped make it possible.

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