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Linda & Geary Cribbs

When Linda and Geary Cribbs came to Houston, they didn’t know anyone or their way around. They described visiting Houston for the first time as “shock and awe.” Linda and Geary had moved to Edmond, Oklahoma a few years ago to be closer to their children and before cancer came into the picture, Linda said […]

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Sharon & Dale Toler

Dale Toler, 59, undoubtedly had many challenges and scary situations in his 25 years with the Austin Police Department. A retired Sergeant, he was on the bomb squad and on the SWAT team. But on a regular kind of day, undergoing a routine physical in August of 2016, he and his beautiful wife and caregiver, […]

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Benise Sigala

When you first meet 27 year old Benise Sigala, what strikes you most about her is hergrace, her peaceful demeanor and her bright, joyful eyes! The picture of health, this young and vibrant wife and mother of two young children, was overcome in June 2014 with extreme fatigue and severe headaches that were constant. Benise, […]

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Carolyn Hanes and Judy Pender

Not only do sisters, Carolyn Hanes and Judy Pender live close to one another in their home state of Louisiana, their hearts are also closely intertwined with deep affection and tenderness. Carolyn, a wife and mother, began her battle with cancer in the spring of 2016 with “terrible dizziness and severe headaches”, she says. She […]

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The Croman Family

Terry Croman was diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia in September 2014. Originally from the small town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Terry and Beth decided to come to MD Anderson for Terry to receive a stem cell transplant. Before coming to Halo House, Terry and Beth stayed at a motel near the hospital as well as a […]

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The Bass Family

Eleven years ago Ronn and Kelli were put in a tough situation when Ronn was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the young couple was dealt a more devastating blow when a doctor ordered a chest X-ray, which revealed a mass in Ronn’s chest. The diagnosis was Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Ronn received treatment for the lymphoma in […]

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Michelin Lipinski

Michelin is a remarkable woman. Not only is she beautiful, kind, and fun, she has given birth to 10 children who were between the ages of 3 and 19 years when she stayed at Halo House. You will often find her surrounded by the kids, sharing stories and laughter, or “holding court” as her husband, […]

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