The Fearless Five

One of the most important aspects in the journey of a cancer patient is having a supportive caregiver.  At Halo House, we require every patient to have a caregiver living with them at all times.  The extent of a caregiver’s duties depends on the how much assistance the patient needs.

At Halo House we occasionally have caregivers with extra time and a desire to give back by using their talents to help us out around the facility.  We identify these special people and when needed, ask them to take on the role of a Halo House “resident manager.”  Typically, we have around one or two amazing resident managers at a time but be it fate, or luck, for the first time ever, we have five resident managers.

The group started with Mary from North Carolina, who with her outgoing personality, and immense compassion towards everyone became our resident manager.  Mary got to know just about every resident at Halo House and recruited Donna from Kansas as an additional resident manager.  Donna and Mary took on the position as one would a full-time job and naturally recruited another amazing addition to their fleet, Marian from Illinois.  The trio took on project after project, not limited to manning the reception desk, but moving and cleaning under beds, landscaping, and new resident check ins. Eventually, Susie from Indiana was pulled into the group and shortly after, Daniel, also from Indiana, became one of our resident managers.

Tools and vacuum in hand, the group tackles any and all tasks the Halo House staff throws at them. Mary ensures that everyone at Halo House feels warm and welcome and all their needs are met. Donna assists our wonderful housekeeper, Alcira, in keeping Halo House extra clean. Marian organizes our supplies and keeps track of what we need. Susie welcomes and moves in new families. Daniel is our resident handyman and jack of all trades.  We do not see this group as just five resident managers, we see them as a selfless group of individuals who are not only amazing caregivers but also volunteers. Mary, Donna, Marian, Susie, and Daniel contribute so much to making Halo House the most comfortable temporary home for blood cancer patients and their families and we are forever thankful for them.

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